How do I pay for an order?

You can pay  using one of the following payment methods: 

Credit Card
It is possible to pay easily and securely with a credit card. You can pay your order with a Visa credit card. 

Bank Transfer
A bank transfer takes about three business days to arrive on our account. After receiving your payment, we send your order to the doctor and you can therefore count on the delivery time indicated on the site. 

Please note that you are responsible for paying the transaction fee. We advise you for this reason to select the option marked OUR. All international transfers to us must be done with our OUR instruction.
The OUR option means that you are responsible for the transfer fees. We will then receive all the required payment. 
If you select the SHA (shared) or BEN (beneficiary) option for your transaction, your order will not be processed. 
By selecting SHA or BEN, there will be a delay in processing your transaction. 

One exception is made for European payments made in EUR. They can be done with SHA instruction. 
Please follow the “Payment Options” on your order to finalize your transaction. 
Use local payment options if we offer them in your country of residence. 

SOFORT Banking
The advantage of SOFORT Banking is that you do not have to register. This method involves a direct transfer and you pay easily with your own bank details. It operates on the basis of the recognized online banking system. Secured using a multi-certified international online payment system. SOFORT banking: a simple, fast and secure payment. 

I made a payment, how can I know for sure that I paid?

Through your account , in the “Orders” section, you can check the status of your order. When payment is received, this is confirmed in the payment status. You will also receive a payment confirmation by email when payment is received. If the payment is not successful, you will receive an email every two days with the message that the payment has failed. In this email, you will be able to make the payment again. It is also possible to contact our customer service, who can provide you with information on the status of your payment. By bank transfer, it takes about 3 business days before your payment is received and processed by our finance department. If you made the payment by this method,

My order was rejected by a doctor or pharmacy, but I have already paid. And now?

Once your order has been rejected by the doctor or pharmacist or if your order has been canceled and you have already paid the amount, the payment is automatically refunded. It is possible, however, that the refund will take up to one or two weeks because this administrative procedure is going on outside of Fastypharma.com. For more information, please contact Customer Service.

How does payment by bank transfer work?

You receive the banking information by e-mail. You activate the method by following the steps at the end of the command. Please note that if you choose to pay by bank transfer, it usually takes three business days before the payment is processed. Upon receipt of your payment, the order is sent to the doctor and / or pharmacist partner of 247drugz.net. If you have further questions, we advise you to contact our customer service.


How do I track the status of my order?

You can track your order on the customer portal, find your order and click on Track it. If you’re having trouble tracking your order, you can call our customer support team.

How do I receive customer support?

Submit a request in the Customer Help Portal , you can also contact our hotline or send us an email at SALES.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?


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